U Monroe County, NY 911 Feed Collator

Here are some stats about the Monroe 911 feed scraper system:

Total scraper runs: 3830960
Total Unique Incidents: 927354
Total Incident Types: 48
Total Status Types: 5

So what does all that mean?

The above data represents the current status of this site and its associated web scrapers. What is a web scraper? In this case, there are pieces of code that go out on the internet and collect information from the Monroe County, NY dispatch center and collate it. If you would like more information about the Monroe County dispatch center, check out the About page. If you would like to know more about the data that is being collected, and how you can use it, check out the Developers page.

System Stats

Total Scraper Runs

this represents the total number of times the web scrapers have run. The scrapers run every 60 seconds to ensure all of the information that the dispatch center is providing is captured, and nothing is missed.

Total Unique Incidents

An incident is defined as a unique incident ID being generated by the 911 dispatch center. If a call comes in for a Motor Vehicle Accident, it is possible that Monroe County Police, Brighton Fire, and Brighton Ambulance could all be dispatched to the scene. This would result in three unique incidents, even though only one phone call was made. It is possible to deduce the number of unique "events" based on the address that different entities are dispatched to, however this site does not, yet, provide that meta data.

Total Incident Types

When a call comes into Monroe County 911 dispatch, the dispatcher needs to select the type of call it is. An example of this would be "Barking Dog" or "hit and run, no injury and no blocking". There are a number of different incident types, this number represents the total different types seen by the web scrapers.

Total Status Types

When a call comes in it immediately is placed into a "DISPATCHED" state. There are a number of other states such as "ENROUTE" and "ONSCENE" an incident can have. This site keeps track of when each incident moves between each status type. This value represents the total number of status types seen by the web scrapers.