Monroe County, NY 911 Calls Statistics for Tuesday August 13, 2019

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A: parking complaint (hourly)
B: report of something burning inside not involving the structure (hourly)
C: hit and run, no injury and no blocking (hourly)
D: dangerous condition (hourly)
E: small aircraft operational defect (hourly)
F: human life endangered by animal (hourly)
G: any dumpster, grass or rubbish fire not posing an exposure problem (hourly)
H: accident of motor vehicles involving unknown injury (hourly)
I: barking dogs (hourly)
J: accident of motor vehicles with people trapped (hourly)
K: odor of smoke (hourly)
L: dangerous condition - no immediate danger to life or property (hourly)
M: mva rollover (hourly)
N: mva with injuries (hourly)
O: accident of motor vehicles involving known injury (hourly)
P: report of a structure fire (hourly)
Q: traffic light problems (hourly)
R: wires down, wires arcing, wires blocking roadway (hourly)
S: mva auto - pedestrian (hourly)
T: person trapped other than in a motor vehicle (hourly)
U: mva auto - bicycle/motorcycle (hourly)
V: wires burning in a tree, object on wire (hourly)
W: school crossings (hourly)
X: mva pinned/trapped victim (hourly)
Y: mva person not alert (hourly)
Z: mva person ejected (hourly)
AA: mva minor injuries (hourly)
AB: a large or small aircraft landing or taking off, experiencing any mechanical emergency (hourly)
AC: mva atv (hourly)
AD: mva hazmat (hourly)
AE: mva bus (hourly)
AF: mva veh into water (hourly)
AG: mva train (hourly)
AH: train wreck or derailment (hourly)
AI: boating accidents, boats in distress, sinkings, all boat fires, flare sightings (hourly)
AJ: potentially hazardous material (hourly)
AK: airport emergency alert (hourly)
AL: mva vehicle off bridge/height (hourly)
AM: airplane crash (hourly)
AN: mva serious injuries (hourly)
AO: (hourly)
AP: mva personal watercraft (hourly)
AQ: construction road closing information (hourly)
AR: any emergency requests for assistance from fire, police, ems (hourly)
AS: major airport accident (hourly)
AT: mva aircraft (hourly)
AU: mva multiple vehicles (hourly)
AV: vehicle fire (hourly)