Incidents for Thursday June 27, 2019

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Total number of incidents today:31

TimeEventAddressResponding AgencyEvent ID
08:37:00Hit and Run, no injury and no blocking04 CHAMPENEY TE, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780861
08:13:00Hit and Run, no injury and no blocking400 DEWEY AV, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780803
08:06:00Dangerous condition - no immediate danger to life or propertySB RT 390 AT CHILI AV, GatesNew York State PoliceNYSP191780788
07:56:00Any dumpster, grass or rubbish fire not posing an exposure problemGOLD ST/MT HOPE AV, RochesterRochester City FireCTYF191780758
07:56:00Accident of motor vehicles involving unknown injuryGOLD ST/MT HOPE AV, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780757
07:55:00Dangerous conditionSB RT 390 AT CHILI AV, GatesMonroe County PoliceMCOP191780753
07:51:00Parking complaint3 STRATFORD PK, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780742
07:46:00Dangerous conditionAVENUE B/HOLLENBECK ST, RochesterRegional Traffic Operations CenterRTOC191780736
07:46:00Dangerous conditionAVENUE B/HOLLENBECK ST, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780735
07:44:00Hit and Run, no injury and no blocking1780 MT HOPE AV, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780733
07:43:00ELMWOOD AV/SOUTH AV, RochesterRochester City FireCTYF191780730
07:43:00Accident of motor vehicles involving known injuryELMWOOD AV/SOUTH AV, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780729
07:27:00Parking complaintGASBERRY LA/REGINA DR, WebsterWebster PoliceWEBP191780697
07:22:00Accident of motor vehicles involving unknown injurySB RT 390 NO LYELL AV, GatesMonroe County PoliceMCOP191780692
07:14:00Hit and Run, no injury and no blocking820 EAST AV, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780671
07:08:00Parking complaint96 DELMAR ST, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780665
07:04:00Hit and Run, no injury and no blocking420 MONROE AV, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780660
06:47:00Accident of motor vehicles involving unknown injury438 WEBSTER RD, WebsterWebster PoliceWEBP191780632
05:46:00Dangerous conditionCLIFFORD AV/ST PAUL ST, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780586
05:10:00Odor of smoke6 CAMBRIC CI, PerintonBushnell's Basin FireBBAF191780559
05:03:00Parking complaint11 ERIE, Brockport PoliceBROP191780550
04:44:00report of something burning inside not involving the structure542 DRIVING PARK AV, RochesterRochester City FireCTYF191780536
03:29:00Odor of smoke2835 MONROE AV, BrightonBrighton FireBRIF191780448
02:07:00Dangerous conditionELMGROVE RD/LYELL RD, GatesGates PoliceGATP191780309
02:00:00Parking complaintLATTA RD/STUTSON ST, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780299
02:00:00Parking complaint1160 JAY ST, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780297
01:02:00Hit and Run, no injury and no blocking33 SYLVESTER ST, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780179
00:54:00Odor of smoke16 BALSAM LA, PerintonFairport FireFAIF191780157
00:46:00Odor of smoke16 BALSAM LA, PenfieldPenfield FirePENF191780136
00:37:00Parking complaint100 MERRIMAN ST, RochesterRochester City PoliceCTYP191780114
00:31:00Dangerous conditionEB RT 490 AT BUFFALO RD, GatesMonroe County PoliceMCOP191780097