Different Event Types Used by Monroe County, NY Dispatch

There are a lot of different types of incidents used by Monroe Count, NY 911 dispatch. The list below is the currently used types by dispatch.

parking complaint (all-time by hour)

report of something burning inside not involving the structure (all-time by hour)

hit and run, no injury and no blocking (all-time by hour)

dangerous condition (all-time by hour)

small aircraft operational defect (all-time by hour)

human life endangered by animal (all-time by hour)

any dumpster, grass or rubbish fire not posing an exposure problem (all-time by hour)

accident of motor vehicles involving unknown injury (all-time by hour)

barking dogs (all-time by hour)

accident of motor vehicles with people trapped (all-time by hour)

odor of smoke (all-time by hour)

dangerous condition - no immediate danger to life or property (all-time by hour)

mva rollover (all-time by hour)

mva with injuries (all-time by hour)

accident of motor vehicles involving known injury (all-time by hour)

report of a structure fire (all-time by hour)

traffic light problems (all-time by hour)

wires down, wires arcing, wires blocking roadway (all-time by hour)

mva auto - pedestrian (all-time by hour)

person trapped other than in a motor vehicle (all-time by hour)

mva auto - bicycle/motorcycle (all-time by hour)

wires burning in a tree, object on wire (all-time by hour)

school crossings (all-time by hour)

mva pinned/trapped victim (all-time by hour)

mva person not alert (all-time by hour)

mva person ejected (all-time by hour)

mva minor injuries (all-time by hour)

a large or small aircraft landing or taking off, experiencing any mechanical emergency (all-time by hour)

mva hazmat (all-time by hour)

mva veh into water (all-time by hour)

mva train (all-time by hour)

train wreck or derailment (all-time by hour)

boating accidents, boats in distress, sinkings, all boat fires, flare sightings (all-time by hour)

potentially hazardous material (all-time by hour)

airport emergency alert (all-time by hour)

mva vehicle off bridge/height (all-time by hour)

airplane crash (all-time by hour)

mva serious injuries (all-time by hour)

mva personal watercraft (all-time by hour)

construction road closing information (all-time by hour)

any emergency requests for assistance from fire, police, ems (all-time by hour)

major airport accident (all-time by hour)

mva aircraft (all-time by hour)

mva multiple vehicles (all-time by hour)

vehicle fire (all-time by hour)

Note: this list is dynamically added to as new types are seen by the web scrapers. For more information how how this data is created, check out the about page and the developers page.