Developer Access and Tools

All code for the site as well as the scrapers can be found in the GitHub repo here.

For information on how to use the JSON API's, check out the GitHub WiKi here. It includes definitions of the API calls that return JSON objects, as well as example Python code that uses PyGal to render SVG images with the data the API's return.

Incident Count API's

See Example

Geo Location API's

See Example

If you would like additional API's added, please use the contact information found on the about page.

Note: API access is not currently restricted since the demand is not high. If the demand increases, there may be API limitations put in place. If you would like a data drop of the data just contact me and I will be happy to shoot it over to you :D.

Quick and Dirty example of Geo Location data on Google Maps

Quick and Dirty example of PyGal Outputs