About This Site

Anywhere within Monroe County, NY, if you dial 911 from a land-line or cellular phone the call will be routed to the Monroe County dispatch center. This allows for 911 dispatches to have a higher level of control over what resources need to be dispatched to a call. The dispatch center uses an E911 system that has the ability to provide data about the 911 calls coming into the dispatch center. Monroe County dispatch is kind enough to provide that data via an XML file found here.

The county does provide a nice interface for viewing currently being addressed 911 calls here. This tool is nice to see current calls being addressed by the dispatches, however does not provide any history of incoming calls. The dispatch center also uses a Twitter account, @monroe911, to tweet calls as they come into the dispatch center. This allows for a running history of calls, however only provides the date and time of when the call came into the center, not any additional information regarding the call.

The goal of this website is to provide an accurate history of all 911 calls that come into the Monroe County, NY 911 dispatch center that are provided to the public via the RSS feed on their website. This website also provides additional meta data about each call that is not immediately available via the dispatch center website or the RSS feed. This site is run out of the drive for maximizing open data with respect to Government.

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If you are a developer, or would like additional information about how the site works and data is generated, jump over to the developers page for information on how the back-end services work and documentation on the free and open API.

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If you would you like more information about the site, would like to contact the maintainer, or suggest an addition/modification to the site, please email Tim at tim@timduffy.me.

This website is run by Tim Duffy of West Henrietta, NY.